Slow Choke


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EP out on Cassette/Digital via Social Cancer Records


released October 28, 2014

Raw Blow is Adam Darryl Jake Brian.
Recorded/Mixed by Ryan Stack at Format Audio
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sunroom Audio



all rights reserved


RAW BLOW Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Slow Choke
The way out is a slow choke, the way I thought it'd be. A grey cloud and I'm dead broke, the way it oughta be… and my goat's got. This grave ain't big enough for two, but I'll dig one deeper just for you, and I'll lie in wait.

Blessed by the patron saint of shit, my pound of flesh and your dried up pit, and this dirge plays endlessly for you and me and all I can do is... suck it up.

A grey cloud and a slow choke, the way it oughta be…
Track Name: Buzzards
Do you know how it feels to walk through a crowded room and not hear anything at all? It takes everything inside of me to peer out from under my shell. The excitement from everyone is deafening. I try, I try; I swear that I try. Constantly numb…

So I'm checking out. Back to bed to avoid everyone…

If you need me I'll be here sucking this bag of trash and tonguing the insides, ‘cause you've gotta’ treat yourself sometimes.
Track Name: Most Days
I’d rather smash my teeth right out of my own head than drag myself out of bed for another day spent wishing that you would stop talking. I’d rather slam my face right into the windshield than listen to how you feel about as many things. Keep vomiting until my head is pounding.

Most days go by slow, and it never stops, and you never stop to think your thoughts or just listen up and hear how the world will sound when it goes on without you.

Most days go by slow. Most days I move slowly, hope time will forget me. Most days go by so slow. Most days I move so slowly, hoping time will forget me.
Track Name: All Kinds of Garbage
Where do I put my eyes?

In a perfect world everything ends and your tongue would sleep. Aren't you proud when your lips and brain should meet? What a goddamn miserable path that we all lead…

I'm finding out that it doesn't get better. I've fallen out. I’ve found my place; it's here in this hole. Dead weight rotting away… Useless pile of flesh and bone…

Wouldn't it be nice if the sun never returned and I'd be the only one awake dragging my feet through the night?

(In a perfect world the sun would sink down in darkness, this endless ringing would drown. I’d spend a lifetime alone dragging my feet through the night.)
Track Name: Don't Try
I walk in circles. I lie awake in my bed. The Earth is humming. The sound is making my head swollen, vacant, wasted, nothing... never mind. It doesn’t matter anyway.

I speak of nothing while staring off into space. This all-consuming stupid void, an endless, vacant, wasted no one... never mind. It doesn’t matter anyway. We are all we are: an excuse for the inexcusable.

Don’t try.